Types of Treatment Services

Home Counseling Services

Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions will allow us to work together, side by side to determine what your individual needs are and what therapy approaches will be most effective. Remember: everyone is different, I will meet you where you are which will assist us in developing your plan of care.


Group Therapy

Used alone, or as an adjunct with individual therapy, I facilitate and guide the group in addressing their common needs. There is great support, hope and growth that can occur in a group therapy situation, where everyone is dealing with the same issue. These groups can be mixed gender or gender-specific.


Therapy for Practitioners

As healthcare practitioners, we believe we do not need help; as we are the ones  helping everyone else. To survive, we learn to cut off our feelings at work. Over time, we realize we are numb in our personal life as well. We are so busy taking care of everyone else,  we don’t see we need help too. We suffer from perfectionism, compassion fatigue, and isolation which can lead to substance use, disordered eating, relationship issues, and burnout. Many are leaving their chosen profession. Don’t let that be you.


Teletherapy Services

If you are concerned about coming to the office to see me, we can see
each other virtually, via our computers, utilizing teletherapy. It is much
like FaceTime and Skype. The platform I use for my teletherapy practice
is called Thera-Link. It is HIPAA compliant and confidential. It is intuitive
and easy to use. You can always switch to in person sessions at any